Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fair time!

Lauren got to spend a little time at the Saunders County Fair this past month. I was able to take her over to look at the animals one day. They had a petting zoo area that had dogs, cats, goats, ducks, rabbits, chicks, etc. She loved the chicks although she kept calling them ducks :)
This is a video - click on it to watch.
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Another night there was a town parade in Wahoo. She took a little while to warm up but wanted to be right out there in front with some of her cousins picking up candy. Suckers were her candy of choice. It's actually a very long parade and lasted over an hour. She didn't really like the section of fire trucks as they put all the towns trucks together so it made for quite a few minutes of loud sirens and honking.

She got to visit the animals again, watch a best dressed goat contest and rode the carousel. She wasn't so sure at first but quickly wanted a second ride.


Lauren likes to walk around with her hands on her hips and the wiggles her little bottom as she walks. It's usually quite entertaining.

The other day she was standing with her hand on her hip and her leg bent with her toes pointed and I got caught her doing a little pose with the camera.