Friday, May 29, 2009

Garden Update

I went to check on my garden last night. With the holiday last weekend this week has gone really fast and we've had some rain so I haven't worried about it. I knew I needed to til. Well this is what it looks like:

I think it's angry at me. It wants to go back to the "pasture" it was before I disturbed it. I think I'll do some weeding tonight.

Oops, the above was supposed to be posted on Friday. I must not have clicked the right button.

I did get to til on Friday so the garden is looking MUCH better. Everything is growing although it seems to be not as big as the stuff in my moms garden.
I took these before tilling so excuse the weeds:
Pepper - this is the only plant something seems to be eating. Not the other peppers either. Just this one plant:

Beets I planted from seed a little late:

Chives from seed:

Cucumbers from seed. These viney type plants grow much faster than other stuff:

Dill from seed. Even if I never use it, it'll make me happy just to smell it while I'm out there:

Potatoes from starter potatoes:

Red onion started from seed:

Yellow squash:



Yellow onion from sets:


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