Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nursery is almost finished!

Here's a peek!

There are still a few things I need to do like put trim up around the cork board, finalize what I want on the shelves, paint something inside the round frame, etc. But for the most part we are ready for a baby!

Once she's here and we name her I'm also going to put her name above the crib.

The quilt on the wall is one Adam's grandma made for her.

We really didn't have to buy much for the room. All of the furniture is hand me down or re-purposed.

I recovered the glider I got from my sister which I blogged about here.

The bedding is just a sheet and dust ruffle from Target w/ a breathable bumper from BRU. I found the cards that are above the changing table on Etsy from this seller and decided to build the "theme" of the room around that instead of buying themed bedding for $150 when you can't use the quilt anyway and I knew I wanted to use a breathable bumper.

The color is a Kilz color called Vintage Aqua.

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