Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More pictures!

Here's some more pictures of our little beauty for your enjoyment because I know I like seeing pictures. She definitely looks like her daddy!

We're still getting adjusted. Finally feeling like we can maybe accomplish a few things. She's been having a hard time with spitting up and not feeling totally like she should we don't think. She spits up, gags, tenses up, coughs, sneezes, hiccups, yells out, etc. We started her on reflux medicine on Friday and I think it's helping a little bit. She seemed to let the spit up come out of her mouth more yesterday and fought it less. She just spit it out and it didn't seem to bother her as much. BUT, she's still really fussy. She acts like her stomach hurts. I can hear it gurgling every once in a while. She acts like she wants to eat sometimes just to make her stomach feel better. She didn't sleep well yesterday or the last couple of nights. Her poop also seems kind of watery which the dr. told me is a sign of a milk allergy. I'm waiting for a call back from the dr. to see if they want us to come in and maybe start me on the MSPI diet (dairy and soy free) or if we should wait a little while still to let the reflux meds work. I hate knowing she's in pain and not doing anything so I'd like to try the MSPI diet to just see if it makes it better.

That's all for now. Here's the pics! Oh and by the way - she's already a month old!

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