Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have a shed behind our garage that say the least rough. It used to be an apartment/in-law suite. Then I believe it must have been turned into a garage although it would have been tough to get a vehicle in and out of there.

This is what it started out like a month ago:


There were windows broken, holes all over and the roof was peeling and falling off.

If you shook this post, it wasn't even resting on the ground. Pretty much the whole southwest corner had one little support.

This garden hose? It's housing wiring.

So we took out the windows and doors, framed it up and filled in the spots with pickets from our fence that was falling down. Environmentally friendly right there folks :)

We put a new metal roof on and made some new smaller easy to open doors.

Power washed it up.

Then it got a new coat of paint to match our house and garage! I am much more likely to store stuff in there now and am no longer scared of the ton of spiders and who knows what else inhabited it.

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