Monday, September 27, 2010

Digging a basement

It has started! They did the excavation today and are currently laying out the basement.

Here is a 360 view of how our lot looked last night:
360 view of lot

Here's some photos from this morning with stakes where the house will be:

The first cut!

Lauren playing (gotta get a shot of her in)

Watching the excavator

Here's what it looks like. We will have a daylight basement on the side closest. The deepest side is only like 3.5 feet into the ground. We are doing floor joists so all the ductwork will run through those so we are going to do 8 foot basement walls. This means that there will be 4.5 feet sticking up out of the ground. We will build up around the walls in the front of the house and slope it down.

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