Monday, January 3, 2011

House update

Wow it's been a long time since you've seen any updated house pictures huh?

Well, the main reason for this is the the last 3+ weeks, the stuff that has been going on doesn't make a big visual impact. I'm happy to now say that the electrician and plumber are done and the HVAC is almost done. Time for insulation and drywall!

Oh and I guess the roof went on since the last pictures you've seen as well! That's pretty important eh? Garage door too. I'll try and post a better picture of both later. I don't have the best pictures so far.

For the last week however, there has been something picture worthy going on. Siding, soffits and facia!

Lots of other little things have been going on as well.
The footings for the porch were poured.

Drywall between house and garage, garage door and landing/steps.

For now the inside of the house looks pretty much as it has for the last three weeks. With the addition of some very important wires/pipes/ductwork of course.

In other news, despite an ear infection, Lauren had lots of fun at Christmas!

I'll try to post more Christmas pics tomorrow.

(In case anyone tries to google real world pictures of products they want to put on their house like I did, I'll start including specs here so hopefully the search engine will pick up my blog.)
-Ash Gray Premium Pro-Snap metal roofing from Menards
-Fiber cement siding purchased from and installed by Millard Lumber.
-Gerkin casement windows with prairie grill purchased from Builders Supply.
-The front door is Therma-Tru Classic-Craft American Style Collection. 3 light stain-able fiberglass with 4-block dentil shelf. Builders Supply.
-Garage door: North Central Door Company, Northwoods Prestige Collection: Aspen Ridge. White.


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Tami L said...

WOW - yeah I'd say there have been some changes since the last pics! Looks great! I'm sure it's so exciting to have all the changes come together and have a big visual change! NICE!!