Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Organizing Children books

Lauren's books have been piled in her armoire for a while now and sorting through them can be frustrating. Now that she is FINALLY interested in books, I like to switch them out regularly for each holiday or season or just when we get tired of looking at the same ones. We get new books regularly as gifts, garage sales, second hand stores and mostly from our local library that purges kids books as they start to show wear.

This is her book shelf that we set the "current" books. I got this for $1 at a garage sale and it is SO worth it. Her interest level in books increased immediately when she could see the covers and not have to sort through them herself.

Right now, it contains summer/zoo/flower type books along with a some other ones such as the Mercer Mayer dentist book because she is going to have her first dentist visit soon!

Next to her chair is a special basket....Dora! This is pretty much all we get to read these days.

In the bottom shelf of the bookshelf is bedtime and nursery rhyme books. In the basket is board books and ones she can play with.

Next up is the rest of the books we own. They stay here and like I said before, get rotated out.

We have a basket for Dr. Seuss. We got a bunch from Adam's grandmas house and have added a few more over the last couple of years.

The next basket is Disney/ tv or characters she knows. (Her middle name is Olivia so grandma has started her a collection of Olivia books).

Then there are two baskets next to that that contain a mix of random books.

The next basket is themed books. Each theme gets its own ziplock bag. We have Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter.

Down below we have some bigger hard cover books and also books that do things such as pull out or make noise.

Beside that we have another basket with ziplocks. These ziplocks contain Mercer Mayer books, Berenstain Bears, and Golden books.

Now, hopefully they stay this way!

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