Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town 2012

Santa came to visit us today at the Mead Library! Lauren has really started to understand Santa and was super excited on the way up and while waiting for him.

Once he arrived she was shy and took her cousins lead in hiding. 

I reminded her she had something to ask him and then she realized, "Oh yeah, I do want to talk to him."
So she went over and did a little quiet talking but wouldn't get too close. Even to get her "special treat".

When we left she said hi shyly to him but as we were getting in the car he walked out to go visit the bank and she got all excited again and waved and yelled "Bye Santa!"

She has been loving looking at these pictures and telling me all about it :)

Kate of course cried as soon as I got too close or set her on the floor. 

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