Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm back

I'm sorry that it's been 8 days since I posted but if you don't already know where I've been I'll tell you: my parents had a catastrophic house fire on Monday. They lost almost everything. The fire was electrical and started in the attic. My dad was home and the fire crews got there soon enough but it was too windy to stop it.

The whole top floor is completely gone. The bottom floor didn't get burnt except for one room but the roof caved in on the rest of it. The only room untouched was the kitchen. Thank goodness.

We've spent some time digging through everything and were able to pull quite a bit out. Now we just have to see if we can get it cleaned and smelling ok. It really was quite amazing the breakable things we were able to pull out. I'd go to find something because I knew where it should be and I would pull it out and it'd be ok! Another weird thing was when you'd be digging through a pile of ashes and come across something that was perfectly fine.

For now we are just trying to figure out what to do and trying to get my parents a couple of things here and there. They are going to stay in a neighbors hired mans house for now.

Instead of making my blog a sad place with the pictures, here is a link to them if you want to see them.

Please pray for my parents and forgive me if I'm not updating everyday. I have a feeling I won't be doing anything fun and crafty to show you for the next couple of weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Jess i am soo sorry to hear about your parents home - please let us know if we can be any help!!!!