Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What day is it?

I'm so off. Tuesday my computer tells me :)

Well this weekend we kind of got my parents settled into their new temporary living arrangement. Their neighbor had an open hired mans house so they have moved into there for now. They have some trash cans and soap and hangers and a recliner and a small tv and can kind of function now.

We were able to wash a few of the things we got out. Soaking clothing that isn't horrible in dishwasher soap and pure vanilla seems to do a decent job. Washing dishes in dawn and then sticking them in the dishwasher with lemon dishwasher soap seems to work.

Sunday the town churches had a benefit for my parents and there was a huge turn out. It was amazing really! Thank you to anyone who came!

We continued to sort through things this weekend and Sunday afternoon Adam and I hauled a trailer full of stuff to my aunt and uncles Steamatic shop for them to work on cleaning the rest of it. Hopefully they can save some stuff!

I'm freezing at work today! Is it 5 yet?

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