Friday, February 13, 2009

Fixin up the basement

First off I have to say that it snowed today. A lot. Probably not a lot to those who are in North Dakota right now but for here it's quite a bit in one shot. Here is a pic I took this afternoon before it even stopped. Almost 8 inches. Sorry for the blurry but I think you can see it and I think you can see which #'s are which. (if you click on it and zoom in)

Yesterday Adam and one of his friends started working on fixing our basement. I mentioned the process here but instead of having it professionally done Adam and his friend went ahead and did it. It isn't finished yet. It still needs the tubing put in but at least the trench is cut. Adam said it was super hard work and it looks like it would have been.

We also need to get some new stairs made because they had to cut part of the old ones out and we are going to finish the front part of the basement and want them to be enclosed stairs anyway.

So now we have a mess but I'm excited that the process is started.

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