Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend progress

This weekend we went to tear down the remainder of my parents house. When we got there they were breaking up the concrete with a jackhammer.

So when we got there they had already removed the porches and it looked like this (one the back of the house)

and by the end of the second day this is how far they had gotten.

It took a lot longer than anticipated because it's hard to get close enough and pick things up. Plus we weren't only knocking the walls down, we were hauling it all away and tearing up foundation, etc.
Here is the link to the photo album of all that I took this weekend. There are a lot there and it's kind of fun to flip through them because you can see the action going on. Here are a few quick sequences. (click on to view larger and then in the picasa album you can click on the top right magnifying glass to see even bigger)

Saturday was gorgeous but Sunday was COLD. They didn't get to finish this weekend because close to dusk on Sun. my BIL finally hit a nail with the tractor (it was inevitable) and the tire was leaking.

Here is kind of a fun pic to look at. Their house was over 100 years old. Two owners before my parents brought in another 100 year old house and attached it to the back of the other house. Over time porches were built on also. Here is what the original structure on the farm would have looked like.

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