Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 6 & 7 and Carpet

Day 6

Day 7

Not much change.

My wonderful, fabulous, fantastically talented husband also made me a better stand to hold the lighting.

I moved them upstairs because as cold it's been it's too cold in the basement for them I think. So, as you also may notice that there is something else new in this picture......What could it be? Hmmmm

Yes, after putting in new flooring when we moved in, we have already torn it out.

Don't buy engineered hardwood flooring. We didn't like it from the beginning. It was cheap looking/feeling, it made a sticking noise when we walked on it and then a piece already started to peel. Engineered hardwood is like a plywood with a veneer of oak or whatever on top and the veneer was already peeling off. So since it was on clearance when we got it and we didn't like it anyway, we didn't want to deal with the warranty and we just decided to tear it up, we'd use it in the basement and put in carpet.

We had a slight problem with the carpet. We special ordered it on sale from Menards and had a tracking email that said it was on time. But by the end of the day it hadn't said that it'd actually been delivered so Adam called and it was back ordered. So we had to go in and pick out a carpet they had in stock. I'm still pretty happy with this one too though. Not a big deal!

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