Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Veggie Seedlings

I actually have enough room this year to plant a big garden and I will be doing just that! I'm so excited! But if you buy all those plants already started by someone else at the store or greenhouse, the cost can add up quickly. I need at least 30 tomato plants to make salsa and multiple plants of multiple types of peppers. Because of this, I have started tomatoes, peppers and broccoli from seed.

I got some pods to help start the seeds. They look like this:

and then you put water on them and they expand

I started the broccoli on Wed. and by Saturday they had sprouted. By day 4 this is what they look like.

Day 5:

I started them upstairs where it is warmer and once they were about 1/2 inch tall I moved them downstairs where there isn't natural light for them to try to grow toward and put a florescent light above them.

This isn't the ideal situation just yet because as you can see the plants on the sides of the tray are already trying to grow toward the light.

I have three treys full of seeds.

I planted broccoli, better boy tomatoes, roma tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and bell peppers. Just an fyi in case you didn't know like I didn't - roma tomatoes and the peppers have a ton of seeds in each packet. I had enough pods so I went ahead and planted as many seeds as I could otherwise they would have just gone to waste. I can give the extras to friends and family.

I'll keep you updated as they grow!

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