Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canning Pickles

I have been doing some pickle canning the past couple of weeks. I got a recipe from Adam's grandma that she says is really good and the pickles are crisp. This recipe you can also use to do one quart at a time as you get the cucumbers.

Here is the recipe:

Dill Pickes
Have jar(s) and flats in boiling water
1 quart: Fill jar with dill, garlic and cucumbers
Bring to boil: 1 ½ c. water
½ c. white vinegar
1 T. canning salt
Pour over cucumbers in jar.
Cap and seal

So, I picked my cucumbers. I don't know why mine are doing this but a lot of them are growing about 2 inches long and then growing out. It's weird but for pickle cucumbers you want dark, slender cucumbers with lots of warts.

Sorry the pics are crappy but I took them on my phone.

Wash cucumbers (and jars)

Prepare dill and skin garlic.

Slice cucumbers

I heat up the jars in the microwave with a little water in the bottom of a pyrex dish for 5 minutes.

Heat up the lids in boiling water.

Boil the water, vinegar and salt, stuff the jars, pour juice in jars, put the lid on and screw on rings.

Let sit for a couple weeks to allow the cucumbers to "pickle".

ENJOY! I can't wait to try this new recipe.

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