Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Look at this smile. It's hard to remember the early days when she was in pain because of her stomach and unhappy most of the time. These days, Lauren is a pretty darn happy baby. She almost always has a smile for anyone.

She was playing in her crib yesterday while I was trying to catch some video of her doing something cute (maybe you'll get to see it later if I can catch it!) and what I caught instead was her smiling face. Love it :)

But I also caught this shot which is even more accurate of her personality.

She is still always in motion. Especially now that she can walk. Back and forth. Around and around. She will pick up one item and walk until she finds another. Then she'll carry that around for a while and so on and so forth. Good thing I can hear her little feet walking around so I can easily keep track of her! This personality trait can make her a difficult baby sometimes but that is just something that mom and dad have to deal with. It doesn't bother her one bit - She's still oh so very happy.

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