Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin patches, apple picking and Day 12 of the house build

Here goes a weeks worth of blogging in one post.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch
On Monday Lauren and I met up with some friends at Vala's pumpkin patch. While I think that Lauren had fun people watching and participating in the few activities she could, I have to say that I think Vala's is a little too commercialized. It felt like we were at an amusement park instead of having a fun afternoon at the local pumpkin patch. We were there on a Monday afternoon. I can't imagine what that place would be like on a weekend. I don't think I would have even felt comfortable letting her down to run around. There were fields of empty parking lots that are usually full on weekends. Not to mention it's expensive.($13 admission. $9 on Mondays and a few other days. Plus extra to ride the train, etc.) They make enough money in one month to last them a whole year after paying all the workers, building new attractions, etc. That being said, I'm sure we'll go back again and there really are some cute things there. We didn't go through the haunted house or go on the hayrack ride to pick pumpkins. I was a little disappointed in the pumpkin selection also. There weren't any of the fun specialty pumpkins. I was told this morning that they don't grow the pumpkins there - they are shipped in.

If you go in and go to the right and keep walking all the way through the park past the train there are some cute activities. One of them was a bouncy pillow that looks like this:

Lauren loved just sitting there and having the older kids bounce her around.

All kinds of fun cut outs which make for great pictures.

Train rides

Petting zoo area. Lauren was scared of the animals. She was clinging on for dear life :)

A nice big rocking chair.

Martin's Hillside Orchard
We went apple picking this morning. Now this is a great place. Very relaxed but also offers tons of stuff. In addition to apples they have pumpkins (with all sorts of specialty ones), fun gourds, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc. Of course all these are dependent on the seasons. It's $4 a person or $15 a family. That money also goes toward any purchase you make. The apples today were $1 a pound for all kinds except Fuji which were $1.50/lb. Pumpkins were 25 cents a lb or 50 cents for specialty ones.

They also have a few fun things for the kids to play on.

House build
Today is day 12 of the house build. Nothing is happening today.

Yesterday Adam took the day off to work on filling in around the house and inside the garage. We put gravel around the base and then will fill in with dirt.

He built up the drive into the garage and started filling it with sand before the flat work can be poured. 120 tons of sand were delivered and we still need some more.

Here is an interesting picture. We didn't see it at first. Adam had initially thought about doing the waterproofing himself but it looks like it's a good thing we had the wall guys do it. They did all kinds of things like set the dump pit into the cement, put a tube under the foundation that hooks up to the outside drain tile and they also did this:

They left a little spot where house meets garage so the entire basement could be waterproofed.

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