Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend accomplishing lots! I'll have many posts coming up but I'll start out by saying that there is a new blog linked up over to the right.

My down with technology hubs finally decided to start a blog. His might not be as exciting to many of you as it's named Code & !Code. So there you will find information about programming. BUT he'll also throw in some not code stuff. Hence the !Code. You'll have to visit his blog to find out what that means. :)
Check it out:
Code & !Code

Here's project #1 that was accomoplished this weekend. Organization!
I don't have before pics but just imagine a mess :)
Since this is right when you walk in the house the mess of stuff under our desk in the kitchen drove Adam nuts. We also had a trash can beside the desk for recycling but it seemed to always be overflowing.
The first thing we did was get a couple larger containers that stack for recycling which seem to be holding a LOT more! Then Adam built a shelf so that we could stack the stuff under the desk.

Adam also built a couple shelves for in the baby's closet. Instead of buying something like this that is all the rage right now:

I figured I could just get some cheap baskets and put them on shelves.
So my cheap solution looks like:

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