Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nursery update

This is the status of the nursery at the beginning of the weekend:

After painting the walls, we decided it was time to get rid of the ugly cheapo lookin ceiling fan. We thought about keeping it for the fan aspect and using a lamp but Adam hated the fan enough that a plug in fan and dimmable light was just as nice as a plug in light and ceiling fan.

Having a fan in a nursery reduces the risk of SIDS and when you're trying to get a baby to sleep, dim light is very nice.

New Light and switch:

We also have had plans to switch out all the almond light switches and outlets in the house for nice clean white ones but we haven't gotten there yet. While we had all the outlet covers off for painting and already fiddling with the one light switch Adam decided to do all of them.

My first baby shower is this weekend and I'm so excited! I'm waiting until the showers are over before finalizing and finishing organizing the nursery.

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