Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magic Diaper Cream

Lauren is a sensitive little girl. She always has some sort of a diaper rash. She has different types of diaper rashes too so it's not just a reaction to one thing. That combined with us cloth diapering and not wanting to smear her up with desitin every diaper change I asked our dr. about it. She gave us a prescription for "Magic Diaper Cream". Yes, this is what the dr. and the pharmacy calls it. They called the prescription into the pharmacy for me. When I went to pick it up it said that it had to be refrigerated. It smelled sort of citrusey. It also had an expiration date. All of these things had us baffled. What is in this stuff? I googled my little heart out but found that it seems there are many many different combinations drs and pharmacists throw together and call it magic diaper cream.

It really is magic. It does the trick for her and I totally forgot about the expiration date. It got left out overnight last week and it doesn't spread as well as it used to so I figured it was time to ask for a new prescription when we were at the office on Monday. Since I was there she handed me the prescription and it listed the ingredients. It had Aquaphor, something I hadn't heard of that I think was spelled Equestran(I'm guessing a prescription strength anti-bacterial) and distilled water. I filled this prescription at a different pharmacy and this time they did not tell us it needs to be refrigerated. We also switched insurance at the beginning of the year and this company will not cover the cream since the main ingredient is Aquaphor which is over the counter. It smells and looks the same as last time though. I brought it home and since A) we had to pay full price for it(which wasn't that bad) B) the last one seems to have lasted past it's expiration date(maybe because of refrigeration) and C) we figure cool feels good on her sore bottom so we are refrigerating it again. Luckily we live in a small house so it isn't too much of a pain to run to the fridge before changing every diaper.

Then later Monday evening I had a message on my phone from the pharmacy:
"Hi, this is so and so from the pharmacy. The pharmacist couldn't remember if they put an expiration date on the diaper cream or not. They just wanted you to know that it expires in two weeks because of the water content in it."

Water content??? I'm guessing this is because it becomes no longer distilled after so long???

Some of the mystery is solved. We now know what is in this stuff and why it expires. Not so sure about the refrigeration part but we will just go ahead and stick it in the fridge. And if you are wondering what is in your Magic Diaper Cream concoction and google and are sent to my blog - at least you now know one possibility of what it could be.

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