Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What in the world is wrong with the pacifier industry? Most pacifiers are shaped like the inside of a baby's mouth. Seems to make a little sense right? Well, not really when you consider that NOTHING else a baby sucks on is shaped like this. No wonder some mothers refuse to give their children pacifiers because of "nipple confusion".

Enter the soothie.

Now this thing makes sense. Babies love it. Hospitals hand it out. It just seems natural. Lauren took this thing right away. I took multiple different kinds of pacifiers with us to the hospital because I had heard that babies may take one kind of pacifier but not another. The soothie was not the first one we offered her. She wouldn't take any of the other ones. Then we gave the soothie. She loved it. This was also when she had barely sucked on anything else so it wasn't like she was used to anything else. It just seems like it was the natural one for her to take.

So things are going well with the soothie except the fact that Lauren will suck on it for a little while and spit it out. I just thought that was the way she was. Until one day I went to my parents house and my sister says "why don't you give her the pacifiers she can suck to her face?" Ummmm, she won't take them but that would also make sense huh? So now that you think about it - why wouldn't someone make a pacifier that has a nipple like this and a cut out for their nose so it fits to their face easier?

I was talking to a friend who has a baby Laurens age and she felt the same way. Then, she found the perfect pacifier...
Enter Playtex "Binky"

Nipple shaped like the Soothie and cut outs for her nose! I bought some yesterday and they work like a charm. Ahhhh. The perfect pacifier.

The packaging still says new. Why did it take so long for the Soothie to come about? And then why did it take so long to make one shaped for a baby's face?

Now...if only she didn't just develop a habit of pushing anything I stick in her mouth out with her tongue. Hopefully it's just a phase because she's going through a sleep regression and it sure is nice for Adam to be able to give her a bottle one out of the 4 or 5 times she wakes up a night or to just be able to stick the pacifier in her mouth to put her back to sleep.

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