Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brown Thumb

I have a brown thumb. I think in the last 3 years I've killed probably 4 houseplants. One of those was sentenced to death by my sister in law and just wouldn't die at her house. For some reason, a while after it came to live with me it died.

A house needs plants though. Right? I have not given up yet. I have a peace lily which is one of my favorites and it has somehow survived my wrath. This plant came from Adams grandpa's funeral so maybe that has something to do with it. It is by no means in great shape. It hasn't gotten much bigger from when I first got it and there are usually some leaves that are brown.

Lately it has been getting sadder and sadder. But there was an actual reason that I could see happening. The soil was washing away when I watered it. I always thought that you were supposed to put rocks in the bottom of the pot to help the water drain.

Google however tells me different. It says that rocks are bad because the soil will wash away. Hmmmm. So it was time to re-pot. I went out to my shed and found a pot with this black thing in the bottom. Looks like it'll let the water drain but maybe keep the soil in so I tried it.

I learned that after you re-plant you are supposed to fill the sink and set the bottom of the pot in the water to let it soak up as much as needed for about 1/2 hr. So I did that and here is my poor plant now.

It has a much better environment to live in now and hopefully it can start to grow and flourish instead of just try and survive.

Lauren carefully watched over my work so hopefully she can help me turn this brown thumb green.

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Tami L said...

Actually--I always heard the same thing AND i saw it on a show this past weekend about how to properly drain idea was to get this fabric that's a filter fabric, put the rocks in it and tie it with a zip tie and then put it in the bottom of the pot so that the soil can drain that way without the rocks getting in the way and plugging the hole in the bottom of the pot - or they make this filter thing apparently that you could also put in there - but I suggest the first as I'm pretty sure it's easier and cheaper... :-) just fyi for the future