Thursday, February 4, 2010

Such a big girl

Not only can Lauren roll over these days she is getting pretty good at this sitting thing. I wouldn't exactly call her an unsupported sitter because she can't do it for very long but I think they call what she's doing in the last image "tripoding".

She also thinks it's pretty fun to help mom out with Laundry.

She better enjoy the ride from the basement to upstairs because soon she won't fit in the basket anymore! Of course I probably shouldn't start this habit because soon she'll be 20lbs and still wanting to ride in the laundry basket. I'll have arms of steel by then right? It's really the only way to get things done around here though. She's high maintenance enough that if I leave her hangin' out upstairs while I run down to get the laundry, 90% of the time she's screaming by the time I get back upstairs.

Trust me, I try to leave her alone so she doesn't feel the need to be attached to me constantly but she's already too smart for that. She's recently developed this whine/screech in the back of her throat that she does whenever she isn't happy about something. It's very annoying after hearing it off and on all day long. Daddy thought it was funny at first (I think just because he knew it bothered me) but he tired of it after...oh 2 minutes :)

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