Monday, July 14, 2008

Cake decorating class

Wilton Course I, Class I

I started a cake decorating class last Wednesday - it's at Michaels and based off of the Wilton courses. So this class follows course 1 and is 4 sessions. The first class focused on the basics of frosting and tools. I actually learned more than I thought I would.

Obviously there are different consistencies of frosting but I never really thought about it that way. You need to make stiff, medium and thin frosting for different projects you are doing. Stiff for flowers and such that need to stand up. Medium for the broadest range of items. Thin for frosting the cake and writing. I learned about Meringue powder which helps to stabilize the frosting and about piping gel which is used for.....piping! This can also be added to buttercream frosting to aid in writing.

I learned that there is an icing tip to help you apply the buttercream to the cake so that you do not get cake crumbs in the frosting.

I learned that to get a cake perfectly smooth with buttercream frosting, you can frost it, let it crust over and then put wax paper on top and smooth the cake on top of the wax paper.

I'm going to be making a rainbow cake this week and learning how to transfer a pattern and start to learn how to make roses.

I'm so excited! :)

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