Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Real Sewing Project

I got my sewing machine for Christmas but I haven't really used it because the house has been staged. Right away I just made a table cloth to cover the card table it was sitting on so it would look a little nicer for potential home buyers. Since we still haven't sold our house, I've decided to just go ahead and use the room. I still have to clean it up every time and there are probably a few things out more than what looks the best but oh well. So here is my first real project. It turned out fairly well I'd have to say. Up close it's kind of a mess and the stitching isn't necessarily that straight :)

See the white spots at the end of the handles. Yeah, I had to make them longer. Oops.

I made sure to make lots of pockets inside since small things can easily get lost in this big of a bag.

I think my next attempt will be a blanket. Adam wants a lighter blanket with no "stuffing" in it for the summer for our bed. I have a pattern for a "rag" blanket and found some material patterns that look nice together.

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