Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Cake

I've grown king of tired of watching all of these cake shows that are on tv nowadays while sitting on the couch feeding Lauren and not being able to make a cake. So I decided the day before Christmas Eve that I was going to make a cake. Crying baby or not. I worked on it here and there and really it wasn't that hard to accomplish.

Since I randomly decided to make this cake, I didn't have very much powdered sugar. Usually I try to keep extra on hand but I just made some puppy chow and I only had 1 lb. in the cupboard. Which was enough to cover the cake but nothing more. Usually I make my fondant as homemade marshmallow fondant frosting. Luckily I had a box of Wilton frosing just waiting for the occasion. This stuff is pretty darn gross ladies and gents. It smells bad. I can't believe Wilton would put their name on such a product. Why can't they make it taste better? I've always heard it was gross but now I know why. Oh well, on this cake it was pretty easy to pick off the decorations. I will say that this fondant is easier to work with than what I usually make. Much easier to knead in the coloring and shape. I'll have to work on perfecting my fondant in the future so it's a marriage of both worlds.

The candy cane decorations on the tree are Watkins sprinkles. The bows on the presents are also Watkins sprinkles. They came in a package together. Perfect!

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