Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy Busy Christmas Time

I've been busy working on Christmas presents lately so my blog has been neglected :( I always forget to upload pics at night and what is a blog post w/o pics?!

I took pictures of the stuff we've been up to but since they are Christmas presents and all I won't post them just in case someone sees them!

I did get away last week to go to the final four! So much fun!

Here's the team. They did an awesome introduction this year with the lights all the down/spotlights/loud music.

Here's part of the crowd.

Husker fans are the best. It's so much fun to be a Husker at a Husker sporting event. Even if you don't like volleyball it's great just to be a part of that atmosphere. Every time the final four is here we break attendance records and this year was no exception. Over 17,000 fans there and that was even in the horrible horrible rain/slush/snow storm we were having. We went about 25 mph on the way home. Got home at 1:30 - up at 6 to go to work. It was worth it!

Oh and I couldn't not show you this:

The two sets the Huskers took from Penn State!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!

I went to the championship game too but it wasn't quite as exciting. Penn State won in 3 - guess that makes us look better though!

In case you didn't know - Penn States mascot is the Nittany Lions. IDK what that means but the announcer kept saying it and i couldn't figure out what he was saying so I had to look it up. There's your random Tuesday fact. :)

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