Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Name Signs

What do you get someone who has enough money to get what they want when they want it, are a bachelor and just bought a house a year ago?

Well, I came up with the bright idea of a last name sign made out of wood.

This is how Adam and I work: I come up with an idea, he thinks, taps his finger to his lips, does some math and measurements, edits, then I edit and so on and so forth until we come up with something we like - whether he creates the end product or I do, this is how we work.

My initial idea was for him to sort of cut out some letters. He then wanted to router some out of a piece of wood. Which didn't really work so he wanted a template to use the router around. I had some craft letters in my craft room that I told him to try which worked pretty well. Once those letters were in the picture we then decided - well, why don't we just use boughten wood letters?

Here's the final results which turned out very nice and were very easy.

Slab of walnut, boughten letters, glue and danish oil.

Ta Da!

Successful Christmas presents #2.

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