Monday, December 29, 2008

Train Table

One of the Christmas presents Adam made this year is a train table for our nephew. It's just the perfect height for 2 year olds to play with stuff on it and it fits this perfectly on the top.

The white stuff you see on it is just dust from sanding the poly so disregard that.

We were at Adam's sisters house this weekend and Trey just loved playing on the table. Anything that was on the table, he played with it. If you knelt by the table, he'd look at you and then kneel too because he thought that was what you are supposed to do.

The table is 48" x 32" and about 14" high. He made the base out of walnut and the top is birch plywood stained and finished with poly so all the little spills I'm sure are going to happen don't hurt the table.

Homemade present #1 a success!

P.S. If you want one Adam can make you one :)

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