Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitchen Curtain


Here is the kitchen curtain that I worked on last night.

A simple unlined cafe curtain right? Well....

Here is what I sort of intended it to be:

More traditional but yet I had planned on making it not quite so scrunched up.
So I created the bottom 1/2 and hung it up. Looks ok.

Hmmm, where to I hang the rod for the top 1/2? Do I hang I hang it high and cover up the top of the window frame? There are squares at each corner on the window and so I could hang the rod on the top of the window on the inside of the squares. That didn't look right. Or I could hang it on the inside of the frame. There is a blind hanging there right now and I could take that off but it might come in handy so I'd rather not. That left hanging it at the top of the corner squares on the outside.

The top 1/2 that I made isn't that wide though. It fits, but it isn't shirred at all then. Well, I have a pattern or two that also show the top not shirred. Like this top left corner one

This makes it look a little more contemporary but obviously with the material I've chosen, not too much so.

Here's the question. How does this look? Do I want to add some length to the top and make it more shirred or does it look good the way it is?

Additional info: I have something to add to the top to give it a little more color but that will wait until I have all the other curtains finished.

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NatalieDeltaGam said...

I think it looks good! And you definitely hung the top one in the right spot!