Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend - Sorting Photos

I really didn't even pick up my camera this weekend except for to clear out the memory card so I don't have anything cool that I can show you I did this weekend...

I did however spend some time organizing the photos on my computer. This is something I struggle with knowing what the most efficient way to do this would be. So I just took a very simple approach. In the main "My Pictures" folder I created folders for very broad subjects such as:

Weddings/Bachelorette Parties
Pics of Us
118 W 6th
352 N 19th


Then within each of those I created sub-folders.
Such as:

Family: Then a folder for each person's name
Holidays/Birthdays: 2007 Christmas, 2007 4th of July, Adam's 26th Birthday, etc.
Events: Trip to the zoo 2007, Circus 2008, etc
Weddings/Bachelorette Parties: Each person's name
118 W 6th: A folder for each room in the house

I seemed to be able to organize all of the photos that were just floating out in random folders. I pondered sorting photos by date but that just would create too many folders and the photos should have the date taken attached to them anyway. PLUS, that is what my blog is for! To help me remember when I did what!

I'm sure each person needs their own system but I think this one will be what works for me. I have them all on my hard drive right now but plan on putting them on an external hard drive soon and storing that in a fireproof/flood proof safe.

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