Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So much for saving....and cleaning

The faucet in our kitchen sink leaks. Add one more thing to the list to fix. I went online last week to see if I could find a good deal. I found one on Ebay. We bought it. It came on Friday and upon taking it out of the box we were relieved to find it to be a nice quality faucet. Yes! However, there was no brand on it. Who would manufacture something and not put a brand on it. Oh well, not a big deal.

So last night we proceeded to empty all the cleaning supplies from under the sink and attempt to take the old faucet off. We couldn't reach the nut. How in the heck did they get it on there?

Adam runs downstairs for some reason or another. He comes running back up. Guess what. Our fridge is leaking. Yes, our brand new fridge. So that gets pulled out into the middle of the room, more tools collected into the kitchen, towels to clean up the water and a shop vac.

Ok, he got the fridge fixed.

Next, his dad shows up with a long wrench to loosen the nut. So now there are all the old faucet pieces laying around. And then the new one and all it's pieces came out. His dad and him worked to get the new one set in place. Pretty soon he came to get me and said that he needed to go to Menards. He broke a part.

We ran to Menards. They don't have the part we need. Since the faucet is from who knows where and made by who know who. So much for buying on the internet and saving.

There is good news. The packing slip has a website on it and Adam thinks he can get a part off of there.

But now the kitchen is a mess. No sense in putting it all away. There is no faucet in the kitchen. At least for a week.

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