Monday, August 4, 2008

All about cake!

This past week was a week full of cake! I made the big cake for a friends wedding and I started way back on last Saturday. Combine that with my cake class and here is how the week went:

Saturday: Made Fondant Frosting - takes longer than you'd think.
Sunday: Went to church, spent the day at the lake and then visited a friend to watch Big Brother 10 with them! A break from cake.
Monday: Made fondant balls to line each layer.
Tuesday: Made buttercream frosting for wedding cake, class and made the cake for class.
Wednesday: Class
Thursday: Made the cakes and a few more fondant balls.
Friday: Made a couple more cakes and cut out and colored the flowers.
Saturday: Frosted cakes. I took the cake to the reception in pieces

and assembled it at the reception and put the flowers on. It was super hot so we didn't assemble it until the very last minute and even then it started to get sticky. Here is the finished product!

The middle layer was chocolate and the top and bottom layers were white.

On the way to the reception we only had two potential disasters - the first corner we turned, something that wasn't totally secured fell on the biggest layer. Thankfully it was fixable. Second, I looked back and saw a huge bubble on the top of the cake. I don't know what was going on but that was easily fixable with a toothpick :)

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Tami D said...

Good Job Jess! Lookin like a pro! :-)