Monday, August 4, 2008


A couple months ago Adams dad got a call about cutting down some walnut trees. Lucky for us! We were looking for some to cut down! So we went and cut down the trees for this guy for free if we could take the wood. We took a lot of the logs to a sawmill and had them kiln dried. Since walnut is such a hard wood, if it air dried - it would take years for the wood to be ready to work with. The wood came out of the kiln last weekend and Adam stacked it in his dad's quonset. Here is it all stacked up waiting! We also have some more stacked in one of his grandpa's quonset.

The sawmill charges by the hour so he took a couple more logs we had and just had them cut into two inch boards. They're thick and we're not totally sure what we'll do with them but I bet we think of something!

We decided to give planing on of the boards a try to see what it will look like

Here are a couple pics with and without flash - it's hard to get a great pic so you can see the actual color.

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