Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Being married to Adam has changed me. I always thought he had a obsession with washing cars - now, when the car is dirty I can't stand it either. :)

We decided to go wash the car last night at his parents house. Even though it will get dirty again sitting outside close to the Co-op Adam says "It's ALWAYS going to get dirty again. At least it will be clean for a little while." When we got there his dad was up on the neighbors roof tearing off shingles so he decided he wanted to go help and the car washing was left up to me....and Abby of course. Abby is Adam's 6 year old sister. Abby joins me when I'm washing our car and 1/2 way through decides that her mom's van needs washed also.

Abby: I think we should wash the van too. It's really dirty. See right here. (She points to some dust)

Me: Ok Abby. Move the bucket out of the way and I'll switch the vehicles.

So I move our car and back the van out of the garage. Abby mans the hose and I go to grab a rag out of the bucket.

Me: Uh Abby, did you put more soap in the bucket? (As I grab a rag out of what I'm pretty sure is now no longer a bucket of sudsy water but a bucket with an 80/20 ratio of soap to water.)

Abby: Yep! (As she happily waters down the van)

Me: I think that what we needed was maybe a little more water in the bucket but not so much soap.

A few minutes later Abby/Adam's dad walks by.

Terry: The van looks good! Almost a new car!

Abby: That's because we used a lot of soap!


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