Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flashes of Light

On Saturday I started seeing little flashes of light in my left eye way in the very left corner. I didn't know what it was right at first but it has continued. Since I had Lasik in January I was a little concerned so I went to the dr.

Here's what's going on pretty much:

My retina has "traction" which is just kind of like when you stretch out a balloon. This makes it tear more easy. The Dr. said that pretty much everyone has traction but since i have symptoms, that means that the vitreous gel is pulling against one of the walls of the retina stressing the nerves and making them fire. Hence the flashes of light. If it pulls hard enough, it can tear the retina which if not caught early enough can lead to a detached retina which can cause vision loss.

Right now he didn't see anything and it can self correct itself. If it isn't better in a week or it gets worse I need to go back in to make sure it didn't tear.

This has nothing to do with the Lasik though as that deals with the cornea and this is on the retina.

Last night Adam did some more work on the roof with his dad.

while I tried to water the iris. The water tank wasn't full enough to have enough force to drain so I needed to re-fill it. Once again, living out of 3 places makes things harder than they should be. It took me 1/2 an hour to take the ball off of the hitch on the pickup. It's a hard thing to do w/o the right tools. Once I finally found the right tool (in the last place I looked of course after driving all over town) it was hard to get off also because when I turned the bolt, the ball turned also. Ugh. Anyway, after FOREVER I finally got the water tank hooked up, filled up

and the trees watered.

It's dreary and rainy out today

but I love it!

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