Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The backyard is also way overgrown BUT it ALSO has many more creepy, crawly, slithery things. We worked in the backyard last night. We didn't get as big of a transformation there than the pics of the front yard show and we still have a lot to do.

This tree will have to go

It's a nice tree but the only thing it's going to do is ruin the fence and grow into the power lines above.

These trees will also probably have to go. They are dead 1/2 way up - they are killing each other and nothing was done about it early enough.

Note Adam and his cool chainsaw.

Plus no grass grows under them and they make a mess in the yard with the needles and pine cones. There are large trees behind them in the neighbors yard that should provide enough shade. They strung a power line above our back yard to the neighbors that goes under these trees so that will make taking them down tricky.

I found some more flowers that I don't know what they are

Adam wants to take a bobcat and tiller to the back yard so I tried to weed these so he could see that they would look nice once cleaned up and we can save them but when I went to pick up an antique tire rim thing they had there I'm assuming to plant flowers in I found what I would guess is a nest of baby snakes. I've run across way more snakes in this yard than I would like to but I'm hoping that when it's not so overgrown they will find somewhere else to live.

The reason Adam wants to just tear out everything in the backyard and start fresh is because of there really isn't even any grass there for us to work with even if we got everything else cleared out. The pine trees killed a lot of the grass and right now it's covered with these weeds:

We've acquired an old wagon

and I've acquired some more iris. I wonder what color they will turn out to be!

Here's all the trees we've taken out of the yard so far

The white shed in the background is also ours. It def. has some nice curtains don't ya think?

Here's what it looks like inside. We got some nice shelving!

Maybe we'll be purchasing a new AC unit - this one looks a little old. We'll have to see how it preforms.

It's the deluxe high efficiency model. Anyone else notice how back in the day they loved the word deluxe?

We rounded out the night by breaking the trimmer so we quit and went to mow our lot and plant my iris' before they die. We only got 1/2 of the lot mowed and not all of the iris planted before it got dark but we sure did get to appreciate how black the dirt is on the lot! We had clay in Lincoln and that made everything more difficult.

We definitely have lots of projects with this house!

Update: Of course our plans change very often and not even 5 minutes after posting this we have a new plan of attack for the back yard. Roundup. You can plant new things 2 weeks after using roundup and we have a week to wait still until we close with plenty of other things to do and once we get the keys we have lots to do on the inside.

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