Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watch out Mead -

here we come! Yep, we're moving to Mead. We're going to move into Adam's dads apartments. That means this week will be spent packing. Most of what we have at the house now is essentials but there is stuff that can still go into storage. We'll probably move the rest of the stuff on Friday night/Saturday then.

Adam also has to finish the privacy fence this week. We left it open in between our house and the one beside us and the renters have little kids so she'd prefer it finished. Not a big deal - we could have just as easily finished it when we put it up in the first place but we didn't have anything to keep in and I like being able to walk back and forth w/o having to open a gate each time.

We're gonna be a little busy for the next couple of days!

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