Monday, August 18, 2008

Fence Gate

As I said before, our renters have requested a gate on the house in Lincoln because they have kids. We have clay soil so it's really hard to dig holes. Previously when we built the rest of the fence one of Adams friends was living with us and he brought home an auger type motorized post hole digger to help speed the process. So when we made a trip to Mead on Wednesday we borrowed it again. Of course, it broke :) When we got home we had just enough daylight left to get the holes dug so that we could take it back to them on our trip to Mead on Thursday. I went to pull the rope to start it and it didn't catch. I tried again.....and the rope came all the way out. Oops. We took it apart, stuck the rope back in where its supposed to go, tied a knot and tried to put it back together. Something was just a tiny bit off and it wouldn't retract. Adam spent hours trying to put it back together right. He worked that night and the next morning and finally got it to retract just enough that we could get it started. We finally have a gate:


Cementing in the posts:

The gate!

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