Monday, August 25, 2008

The weekend report

Friday started out on a low note when we were informed that our closing date on the new house was being pushed back until Sept. 17th. There isn't anything wrong that we know of that caused this. I'm guessing it's just because it's just a bank that is busy and impersonal and don't really care they are pushing us back.

But the day got better when we attended a friends crab feed. Our friends boyfriend works on a ship based out of Houston (not exactly sure what he does) and he brought back crab, oysters, shrimp and mussels and cooked them in a big cooker with all the veggies and seasonings and then dumped them on the kitchen island. It was pretty interesting but also quite scary when your food can look at you :)

A couple of our friends brought their puppy who is so in love with his momma.

He followed her everywhere.
He kinda likes dad too.

But really he's looking for mom who went inside.

We did get a good family photo

and Kobie ended up being our entertainment for a while at the end of the night when he decided to smoke a cigar.

No, not really. It's a bone he stole from the other dog that was there and it got rubbed in the dirt. Sure did look like he was smoking though.

Saturday was just full of little things here and there. I cleaned all the cardboard boxes out of the new garage that the previous owners left. There were a ton of them! They filled the entire back of the Rav4. I did a lot of laundry running around. Adam worked on moving some dirt around the lot and our neighbor over there came over and told him where there was some more dirt that he could go get. The driveway now has nice sloped sides. We went out to dinner at El Bee's in Waterloo which has Adams all time favorite meal.

Sunday we went to church for the first time in Mead. We went to Alma Lutheran where we were greeted in perfect small town fashion :) The greeters we knew well and had said they were wondering who bought our house and had just found out it was us. Everyone welcomed us when we shook hands for peace. As I was walking out the door I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around to find the lady that was sitting next to us on the pew. She said "Hi! Are you new in town?" :) Then they said they were having cookies on the lawn if we wanted to stay but we had a lot to do so we left. I went back to the apartment and planned on doing some painting.

Now, living in a small space with all your belongings spread around 3 different locations can be frustrating. I had already made a couple trips to get some stuff needed and didn't really want to make any more.

What do you do when you have a wall with a million little holes because the previous owner must have tacked a bunch of stuff on it...

...and you have joint compound but no putty knife?
Use a paint stirrer!

You have a roller pan with old paint flakes in it and no pan liners?
Put a grocery bag over it!

You need to take off the elecrical/light switch covers and can't find a screwdriver?
Use a butter knife!

Of course after your husband comes home he knows exactly where a screwdriver is. Why wouldn't there be one in the box that contains all that used to be in our junk drawer.

Missy is going to go crazy in this small apartment. I took her to Adam's parents house on Saturday because the family was at a wedding so it was nice and quiet for her to adjust and she had a lot of fun. I left her there for a little while and when I went back I couldn't find her anywhere. There is a false wall in the basement that she found her way into. She's finding all things possible to keep her busy in the apartment too - this is as high as she can get in there and I'm pretty sure she's yelling in her head right at this moment "I'm queen of the world!" (think Titanic - corny I know but it seems to apply here)

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