Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bathroom Demo

Last night we demo'd the rest of the bathroom. We left the sink and toilet in place until the last possible moment :)

There is some more insulation in this wall because the house was added onto and this used to be an exterior wall. We might leave it. Maybe not though. Right below the light was this medicine cabinet.

Adam remembers it as being the same one that was there when he was little.
The other day I realized that the light above it wasn't turning on with the other one. I searched to find another switch and didn't see anything. Then I stumbled across this:

Pretty nifty. The switch part of it was covered up when the med. cabinet was closed.
We tore out the cabinet and drywall - you can see where it was:

to find that the 2x4's that were framing in the med. cabinet weren't attached to ANYTHING. Nothing. I just pulled them out. The screws from the med. cabinet were holding the 2x4's in place I guess and the drywall was holding the med. cabinet in place. Really odd thing #9087 found in bathroom :)
I think we'll keep the light. There is a lot of oak in the house and it matches to it's just fine.

We also got some of the particle board pulled up in the living room.

This is actually really tough because it just kinda crumbles and you can't get many big pieces out at a time.

We also came home to a note on the door from the gas company saying they did some stuff and turned off the gas. We found they moved the meter. It was pretty much half buried before.

Looks nice.

And we got lots of laundry done and folded.
1 ton left to go...

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Kelsey said...

Looks like a fun project! I loved picking out bathroom stuff....well we have it, but it's piled in the basement waiting for time to tile and hook up all the fun stuff.