Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Friday again!

Anyone who knows Adam knows that getting a new vehicle is nothing new to him. He's perfected the art of getting a vehicle and quickly getting it up to snuff. Last night was spent by him working on the truck.

I finally got a pic.

Adam worked on the bed trying to get the rust off. The liner that was in the bed rubbed away the paint and I'm guessing water got trapped in there and this is what it now looks like.

He wants to put some rhino liner type stuff in it so he has to get it all cleaned up.
The tailgate also needs some help.

We're probably just going to take this one off and put one on similar to this.

I also baked a cake last night as wedding cake #2 is next weekend.
Can you smell it?

Since cake decorating is not (yet) my full time job, I have to do a little here and a little there. So I freeze my cakes. I think the only reason that freezing cakes has a bad rap because grocery store bakeries freeze their cakes, ship them where they tend to get thawed, re-freeze once they get to the stores, and then thawed again when someone orders a cake.

The "Cake Bible" says that the best way to freeze a cake is:

Let the cake cool down after taking out of the oven. Not all the way cold but not hot either.
Wrap in saran wrap.

Then wrap in tin foil.

Make sure that when you put it in the freezer it's on something nice and flat and not next to something that you don't want the heat from the cake to possibly thaw a little.

Backyard report.
I ran to the house last night but didn't get there before dark but it looks like the back yard is getting close to being dead. There are still a couple spots that are green but we can easily take care of those.

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