Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Closing day!

Today was closing day and we got a lot done.

First off I have to say Congratulations to Tami Sue! You can view her blog off to the right hand side here. She is finally engaged!Future Mrs. Logenhardt...oh wait, sorry. Future Mrs. Logsdon! :) Love Ya!

Yesterday as I had said, Adam took the day off and rented a fogger from Home Depot for our mold issue.

Doesn't he always look so happy to be in my pics?
He fogged twice on top of our already having sprayed it with vinegar the night before. Guess what. No change. Really. No change.
Now, I've always thought it to be a little fun to spray mold with clorox and watch it disappear before my eyes, but none of the website I read said ANYTHING about clorox. Yesterday before we left Adam suggested on top of everything else we've tried, to just spray the bad black mold with clorox. Guess what now folks. Clean as a whistle. Perfect! I don't know why none of the sites I went to said anything about it. Maybe because it's more dangerous? You do really have to be careful when using it. So this morning we got a big ol sprayer out, loaded it up with clorox and attacked the basement. I have to say the basement is looking up.


Last night we also took all the wooden articles out of the basement that had been left behind by the previous owners that were now homes to the mold. This helped the basement be less scary also.

This morning we got up bright and early to close on our new house. We're official owners.

Then we came back and got right to work. Adam started laying the flooring in the middle bedroom.

Here's where we are at the end of the day. Sure doesn't seem like we got much done here but it's hard work and there are always lots of distractions.

I spent pretty much the whole first 1/2 of the day in the kitchen scrubbing appliances and putting lining in the cupboards, etc.

We had a visit from Windstream and we now have internet at our fingertips again! :) You have no idea how happy that makes us. We also have a home phone now....although we don't have a phone to hook up so you can't call us yet.

We had a visit from the duct cleaners.

This was an experience. They hook this huge hose up to this huge vacuum in their van and do all sorts of stuff to get all the gunk out. Ours needed it bad. After they got all the gunk out they also fogged the ducts to kill any mold growing in there. I think we are winning this battle :)

We had a visit from the plumber this morning who said he could put a shower in for us and fix the pipe leak so we had to tear out the wall. We also have to tear out that little weird half wall thing in order to use a shower here.


This was my afternoon job and I'm still not done.

We breaked for supper and to run the fogger back to Home Depot and to spend more money and we decided to quit for the day. We're pooped.


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