Monday, September 8, 2008

Ok, Ok

So I've been lazy.

Let me see. I haven't blogged since Friday so here we go.

Friday we lived the small town life to it's fullest and attended the high school football teams first home game. I was a little late and when I got there the score was already 35-0. Wow, these boys must be good! Right? Well, then they didn't score again until the very end. They still won though.

It's definitely fall and the game started to get a little chilly. What would a football game be w/o nachos and hot chocolate right? Well we got the nachos but the concession stand didn't have hot cocoa yet. But because of the cool weather and I'm guessing the warmer than the air ground - or maybe it's the warm people - there was some pretty cool fog on the sides of the field.

Yes, I need a new camera. I'm working on that one. This one takes blurry pics when the flash doesn't go off. Oh and by the way, this is that late in the game touchdown that finally came after a long lull.

The reason that I was late was because I joined Curves. It was pretty fun actually and they have this spiffy computer program that you have a card to and stick into each machine you go to. It takes down all your info and will tell you all sorts of fun stuff. I burnt 700 calories yesterday! Better than I ever did in any ol' gym.

Saturday I got up and worked out and Adam did some more roofing. We then watched the Husker game at his parents and toward the end we got a visit from a neighbor who said we could go pick some peaches at a house in town. So his sister and I went and got some. Hopefully w/in the next couple of days I'll have pics to share of how to freeze them!

Then Angie and I went to College of Saint Mary's to watch my aunts volleyball team. They won! Woot Woot! I was bad at taking pics this weekend so here is a fun one of my friend from previous years playing who now helps coach.

Saturday night we went to a friends to watch the UFC fight. It ended in a major knockout so it was a pretty fun fight to watch.

Then there was Sunday...well, that I will tell you about tomorrow. I promised Adam I'd leave at 4:30 to come get him and it's now 4:34.

Here's a sneak preview of what happened:

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