Friday, September 5, 2008


It's Friday! Aren't short weeks great?

I don't have anything too exciting to share. Just a couple little things.

The quilt rack has been poly'd and looks awesome. These pics are just after one coat.

Since I don't have a whole lot to share, how about a lesson in Walnut. Everyone excited?
Black Walnut is a large deciduous tree attaining heights of 30-40 meters(100-130 feet). It produces a nut which is what you know and eat. It is a hardwood and the wood itself consists of heartwood and sapwood. The heartwood is what is sought after and is very dark. The sapwood is a light color and is usually taken off. Walnut left with both heartwood and sapwood make for a very dramatic effect. Here is a pic that shows a little sapwood.

Black Walnut also produces a chemical that is hazardous to a lot of other plants and some animals especially horses. While great dog beds can be made out of wood shavings, on Wednesday night I just took all of the shavings to the dump. Adam had amassed quite a collection. I wasn't quite sure how it'd effect dogs.

This was my first trip to the Mead dump, or rather the brush pile as it only accepts...uh...brush type things.

With and without poly:

We also checked on the yard on Wed. It isn't dead yet but was starting to yellow.

Tomorrow will be a week after I sprayed it so I'll have to go check on it tonight to see if it's dead yet.

Last night Adam had a softball game. Here's a picture just for fun.

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