Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slow Night

Last night we didn't do much. I pulled up the tack strips in one of the bedrooms and did lots of more laundry.

Adam and his dad cut down a smaller tree outside and worked a little on the big pine ones.

There is a bad smell coming from our dishwasher. I don't know why. It smelled fine when we first got into the house and you'd think that if it was going to smell that is when it'd do it. So we also took apart the dishwasher last night but I'm not sure that we found/solved the problem. Ugh. One more new thing to buy??

I have a few new ideas for the bathroom to save space. One would be to get a vanity and do my hair and makeup not in the bathroom so that I don't have to have storage for all that stuff in the bathroom. Isn't this one pretty?

$500! Yikes. I think Adam would be building that instead of buying it.

We also could use one of these for hanging towels and storing towels. It's called a train rack. I didn't know that until today.

I think this might be a very good option for hanging a hand towel and wash cloth and keeping a few extra towels in the bathroom.

I think that we may just put up hooks in our new little cubby that will be created by moving the wall over to the next stud instead of a towel bar. I kinda like the idea of them hanging back there.

My new camera should be ready and waiting for me when I get home. Why oh why do I have to sit here til 5? :(

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