Monday, September 29, 2008


Ladies and Gents, we have made some progress! Thanks to everyone who came to help we got some major projects close to being finished.

Friday my dad came down in the afternoon and they got the living room particle board pulled up, the closet flooring started and one of the big pine trees in the back yard cut down. (Pictures of backyard further down)

Saturday started off bright and early when a friend of one of Adams friends showed up to start tiling. Yes! Adam and Dad pulled the vanity out of the bathroom to get the rest of the drywall pulled out and the bathroom ready to be re-assembled. The rest of my family came also and my brother-in-law started in on the drywall in the bathroom.
Bathroom progress pics:

Early on in the morning Adam and dad cut down another tree on the outside of the fence that was growing into it.

My sister painted the bedroom we are sleeping in.

My mom and I worked on the backyard all day.
We cleaned up all the rocks/"landscaping" that was up against the house. This seems simple enough but it really is a big job. We found a TON of spiders living in there and some GINORMOUS ones too.
When we first moved in:

Saturday morning:


We also raked the rest of the yard. There had to have been at least 3 years of pine needles back there. We found plastic bags with cones in them that someone had picked up and never thrown away buried beneath at least an inch of dirt, needles and more cones.
When we first got the house:

With big pine tree cut down:

This makes the yard feel much bigger. We might leave the other one and see if it fills back in next year.

Just some of the stuff we raked up:


This corner of the yard we also cleaned up some.
When we got the house:


The tree seen in the before pic here also got cut down last week.

My dad tore into the closet that had mold in it from the leaking roof. We thought we were just going to have to tear down some drywall and put up new stuff. I should know better than that. Here is what we found:

This used to be an outside wall so some of these boards had to come down. and the 2x4's were all wet and crumbly and you can see more mold on the drywall behind it. That drywall is in the stairwell going downstairs so it shouldn't be too big of a deal to take down.

My nieces kept themselves quite busy.

Aren't they cute?

The flooring in the big closet finally got finished too so I can organize!

We got the wallpaper border off of the living room.

Saturday night we went to a friends house to watch the football game.
Here's Vanessa. She has a Canon Rebel. We played with our camera's a little.

Here's her fiance Nick, coaching the other Nick on the values of family.
"If you really are family you'll drink this HUGE shot I just poured for you"

Sunday morning Adam and I finished some more drywalling. The bathroom is finally enclosed again!

We had an issue with the drain backing up in the basement a little so we rented a rotoRooter thing and Adam and his dad put it to work. (No, he's not going to the bathroom)

Looks like the tree out fronts roots got into the pipe.

We took care of that though!

We had a visit from Trey. He ate some licorice, okayed the tile work

and did some laundry.

And that's where we are. Still nothing DONE but a lot more progress than we had at the beginning of the weekend.

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