Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 down...

many many more to go.

Approximately 5 years ago I was sitting in class working on this exact drawing

when I hear a voice beside me say "Did you have a good weekend?" Startled, I looked over and the guy was looking at me. I'm thinking "Who is this guy? How very random of him to ask me how my weekend was." I check out his drawing

Hmmm. Pretty good. (Notice our different drawing styles. I like charcoal, he draws in pencil. I zoom in on the detail, he draws the whole setting)
We exchanged a few sentences and I went back to drawing not really giving it a second thought. A week later we're back at our drawings and I'm in my little world and I hear "So, anything fun going on this weekend?" It's him again. Talking to me. "Well actually, we're having a Halloween party in my quad if you'd like to drop by." Everyone came to these parties at my college so inviting some random classmate wasn't a big deal. A quad is where we lived. 4 bedrooms, living room and a bathroom. And I went back to drawing.

He did in fact show up at that party and he was dressed in costume. He showed up as a woman stuffed bra and all. Weirdo.

2 years ago today, I married that weirdo

and I have to say that I still kinda like him. Weirdness and all.

I found out later that he in fact stalked me in that class. Well not really but kinda. He noticed me from afar and when we would frequently switch the spots we were sitting in he'd try and position himself beside me. Good thing he did or I might never of noticed him and I wouldn't have my cozy little house with our cute little kitty and a weirdo hubby that giggles every time he watches Boston Legal.

I have a picture of him dressed as a woman somewhere. At the moment who knows where that somewhere would be but maybe some day I'll find it and upload it for you all to see.

Happy Anniversary honey. Love you! Wanna go get your favorite meal of ALL time tonight?!? :)

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