Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Misc.

Since we had to clean out the garage this weekend, we finally brought the kitchen table in. I of course, was excited to decorate it.

Now, if we only had stools......

All the rock that came out of the back yard went up against the garage so that we didn't have to worry about keeping weeds down there but I guess Adam decided he didn't like that idea and took the bobcat to it. He smoothed it out and leveled it with the alley.

Friday night we went to Mead's Homecoming as Adams sister was a candidate for queen. The football team won and Carol was crowned!

Congrats Carol! It was also realized that every single child in their family has won some sort of queen/king and now the pressure is on for Abby.

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Anonymous said...

My parents both won homecoming as well!